Sunday, June 2, 2013

Perhaps Moore

The title came to mind for different reasons.  Perhaps one of our towns could have been destroyed by catastrophe instead of Moore.  Perhaps the death toll could have been higher or lower.  Most of all, perhaps Moore is the place you can make the greatest difference in someone's life right now.  Donate what you can right now to a church or any other reputable organization that is helping those people live again.  We may be too far away to put our arms around them, but you are never too far to extend your heart.

An average day,
an average life,
the darkness fell,
cut like a knife,
with deafening sound,
in which we drowned,
while roaring winds,
took our lives down.

When I came to,
I heard the cries,
some muffled sounds,
of broken lives.
Some hearts beat fast,
while some were slowed,
others made silent,
when they did go.

I found a pipe,
there on the ground,
and I ran towards,
a near voice sound.
Prying the rubble,
with pipe in hand,
as there emerged,
a grateful man.

We gathered forces,
one next to one,
helping each other,
‘neath dying sun.
While tearful clouds,
did watch our pain,
God gave us strength,
to rise again.

From hearts of love,
we will be strong.
Our course is hard,
the road is long.
And we will build,
our homes once more.
For this is home,
our town of more.

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