Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Filing Flavor and Feeling

I just left Tia after picking up some records in a file room for our medical care organization.  We spoke of food, feeling, and faith as I quickly told her that I am a writer.  She challenged me to write about the file room where she worked.  This came together in less than 10 minutes.

Light covered isles,
Fill the large room,
Rows of racks,
Papers and stacks,
Caretakers caring,
A ryhthem in tune.

The ladies in filing,
Sort details of lives,
Care given for health,
With knowledge wealth,
Working with smiles,
Together they thrive.
From different cultures,
We spoke of tastes,
Feelings of life,
A life with flavors,
Speaking faith with heart,
Not leaving in haste.
Our lives are connected,
On paper together,
With light upon faces,
Our smiles leave soul traces,
Imparting in part,
As souls join forever.

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