Friday, April 5, 2013

The Last Train Home

For Lester and Mina

We arrive at the station,
In much the same way,
With eyes wide open,
Nothing much to say,
Babies in arms,
With a world to know,
With our families,
We learn and grow.

We met them in travel,
Along the same path,
A brother and sister,
In love that would last,
Hands on our shoulders,
We walked through the years,
They shared in our laughter,
And comforted our tears.

With a large family,
They were blessed in life,
Mina with her husband,
And Lester with his wife,
Grandkids would learn,
Their wisdom and ways,
While sharing their joy,
In their older days.

We shared time and played,
Our dice games were a blast,
The conversations were warm,
With moments that would last,
On the waters we rested,
In the afternoon breeze,
Through all of life’s troubles,
A precious moment of ease,

We all heard the whistle,
Coming down the rails,
For God sends us his train,
When life’s strength does fail,
Taking one we love deeply,
From our of our sight,
To a place where love sings,
And we live in God’s light.

It is in life to be born,
And each life sees an end,
But this is only a junction,
And is never the end,
Though we must say goodbye,
We will never feel alone,
And reunite in Heaven,
On the last train home.

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