Monday, April 22, 2013

Eyes of the Wind

I wrote this inspired by the emotional performance of Dorota Osinska on "The Voice of Poland".  Dorota is nearly blind physically, but her endless scope of perspective can be heard through the vision of hear heart.  This is written for all of those who who see truly by seeing through the heart.

The notes are rising,
Carried in by the breeze,
Softly engaging,
The eyes of her heart,
Awakened by words,
No ears can hear,
The spirit speaks wisdom,
Which love will impart,
Her eyes see unclear,
As all of ours do,
For light passes through,
With so much unseen,
And to much to blind,
Yet the music is a door,
Her heart passes through,
All things and more,
In images come true,
A beauty beyond words,
Rises up within,
To great to contain,
Pouring forth in voice,
Speaks of joy and pain,
Tears come in sound,
Hearts lift from the ground,
With her soul as the key,
Through her voice we see,
The breeze lifts her song,
As she sees from within,
Gifting vision in her song,
She is the Eyes of the Wind.

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