Saturday, February 18, 2012


This came to me a few days ago and I wrote it down in under 10 minutes.  I felt compelled to email it to a good friend, and he told me that a physicist could only hope to describe string theory so eloquently.  All I know is life is more incredible than even I can describe, and I will never stop trying to share that fact with as many as I can.

We can see through space,
To the very edge of time,
Into the stars and systems,
Close to the beginning,
Towards the boundaries,
Where space becomes curved,
Altering the structure of time,
Bending the infinite to a point,
Where viewing along the curve,
Back unto our point in space,
Would allow us to see the future,
And traveling along the curve,
Entering upon different points,
Would allow us to visit tomorrow,
And allow us to revisit the past,
Yet in entering those points,
Our own age would not change,
For then we would not have traveled,
To different places without moving,
Meaning the place we have gone to,
Would not reflect our universe,
The universe we have visited,
Would be that of another life,
The world of another soul,
Effected by free will,
And existing within reality,
Amidst an infinite number,
Of parallel universes,
Effected by the life,
Of the soul within,
For in such a beautiful way,
Our lives touch and interact,
As we choose with our hearts,
Using the power of free will,
To visit each universe,
Of the lives that surround us,
Using our choices,
Tempered by love,
That our souls may effect,
The eternal design.

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