Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Whispering Thunder

Alone I entered into this world,
All alone I will leave.
Alone I entered into this world,
And all alone I will leave.
But the things I have seen and done here,
You would not believe.

No one ever gave me a chance,
Except for you standing by my side.
No one ever thought I could make it,
And then you made it your ride.
You know that all the things I do for love,
Are things I do with pride.

There is pain awaiting the sunrise,
And sorrow when it goes down.
There is pain for you in the sunrise,
Until the sun sinks below the ground.
Without the faith to make it right in the day,
Pain was all that I found.

I had,
No one!
No guide!
No fun!
No peace!
No pride!
And no where to hide!

You gave me,
A reason!
A feeling!
I’m reeling!
Fear stealing!
Cause its HEAVEN I’m feeling!

There is a whispering thunder inside me,
From the beating heart of love.
There is a quiet thunder inside me,
Defeating the storm clouds up above.
I am the heart of the strength of the storm undefeated,
And its all because of your love.

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