Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Neighbor and Friend

When we left Virginia we lost touch with our friend and neighbor Dan.  With his common name we could never find him on the Internet,  but yesterday morning I learned he passed away two years ago.  Once a mark is left on you from another soul, it is forever.  Make it a good one.

His hand stretches forth,
Across the reach of time,
Beyond the breach of space,
Distance in its place,
A friend of friends,
With passion true,
His laughter sparks,
Each day anew,
So full of heart,
His heart has flame,
Once knowing him,
One is never the same.

Music was his gift,
Extending beyond the rift,
Deep within my soul,
And touching many hearts,
Blessed to be his neighbors,
So blessed to share a part,
Of smiles,
Of times,
Of joy,
Of life.


  1. Dear Eric ~
    Thank you for the beautiful poem / tribute to my dear brother!
    May God bless you always ~ ♡
    Janice Marks Tummavichakul

  2. I smiled when I read this....thank you for letting me see Dan the way you remember him! He is missed....