Friday, February 19, 2016

Whispers of Forever - For Rory and Family in Memory of Joey

It is where time ends,
And forever begins,
Here in your arms,
Safe in your arms.

Fear has been banished,
Where love reigns unmatched,
Safe in your arms,
Here in your arms.

Nothing can ever equal,
What can not be destroyed,
Nothing can replace,
What we have deployed,
All trials must fail,
Forward together we sail,
With joy in our hearts,
Never to part,
As pain is just a sign,
Of a living loving heart,
Beyond true harm.

All hearts share a dream,
Such a delicate dream,
Of touch embrace,
Such sweet embrace.

Yet hearts fear being alone,
With touch unknown,
So far from home,
Lost and alone.

When the physical is gone,
Distance is too,
Hearts joined as one,
Never beat as two,
Where love is not lost,
True union is bound,
Withstanding oppression,
In loves true progression,
Is life's meaning found.

With the heart in full motion,
Time no longer exists,
Set firm within s smile,
Then sealed with a kiss,
Every moment shared,
Is a gift from Heaven above,
There are no hellos between hearts,
And there are no goodbyes in love.

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