Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where the Angels Cry

This for the women recently rescued in Ohio after 10 years of captivity under their abductor.  Other women walk among us who have been sexually attacked and can not even speak of their pain.  For all of them I wrote this.

She is so alone,
Kept far from home,
A trampled flower,
Wilting in the garden,
She was a lovely girl,
Taken from this world,
When her day starts,
The nightmare just begins.

Families cannot rest,
Hearts cannot breathe,
No word from the lost,
No comfort received,
A father sits alone,
In the middle of the night,
A mother’s face in tears,
Touched by the moonlight,

No comfort to be said,
Among the living dead,
She cries into the night,
So her soul can take flight,
Trapped within the town,
Where her home is found,
She rests her head,
Where the angels cry.

A soul full of joy,
Every day in class,
No one could know,
What came to pass,
Her dignified beauty,
Held together as one,
With trust bond broken,
Her beauty undone.

At dinner so quiet,
She can hardly eat,
A sullen shadow,
Gripping her heart,
She was so sweet,
Unable to reach out,
Family feeling helpless,
Her flame flickering out.

The beauty of living,
Has suddenly gone,
No solution is giving,
Relief from their tears,
No help to get out,
From the gulf of fears,
They rest their heads,
Where the angels cry.

Having each other,
God has given strength,
To lift up the fallen,
Taken down by free will,
It is our calling,
Drying tears of pain,
So love gives new life,
And they never fall again,
Where the angels cry.

May no flower be cut,
Before it is time,
For souls can’t be bought,
And life not replaced,
Though pain falls to love,
From the deepest disgrace,
Through strength of heart,
The flowers can bloom,
As miracles we bring,
To hear the angels sing.

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